Other Services

Property Valuations/Appraisals

Working with a reputable and established property valuator; JEC Property Consultants Ltd (Chartered Quantity Surveyors) to offer property valuations at a discounted price to clients.

Bank Mortgage Documents Review

Working with clients to review their existing bank mortgage loan as well as other credit financing and then to arrange a meeting with actual lending institution; along with the client[s]; to review their loan terms (eg:- repayment terms; interest rate applied) with a view of obtaining most favorable interest rates and other borrowing terms for my client[s].

Permanent Residency Application Appeals

To work with applicants who have made applications for Caymanian Permanent Residency and who may have been refused, to review same and to accompany the applicant to their appeal process and actual hearing before the Appeals Tribunal.

UK Passport Applications/ Renewals

Able to Apply for UK Passports and any renewals thereof for qualified persons.

USA VISA/WAIVER Applications

Able to Apply for USA Visa/and or USA Waiver applications.

Commercial Debt Collection

Cognizant of the current global recessionary climate, I can offer effective and professional collection of clients’ overdue invoices and debts. By engaging with the debtor I will aim to secure full repayment as quickly as possible whilst maintaining my client’s relationship with their debtor client[s]. Service aim is to collect the overdue account pre-legally, but failing which; after all amicable efforts are exhausted; it may be necessary to proceed with legal action; if possible with my client[s] consent.

Repossessions and Demand Service

Working with my client’s consent, to serve Demand Payment Notices on customer’s and proceed to actual Repossession on behalf of my client company if necessary.

Last Will and Testaments / Trusts

Our services include everything from writing a last will and testament, advising on to the administration of the will, setting up trusts and estate planning.